traditional method


Facilitator of the traditional studies in the phases of the project ...

The Project Feasibility

ODA Deposit Permit

The detailed design of the building or process

Project studies : PRO

construction planning

consultation record companies : DCE
Validation execution plans : EXE

Coaching in the Business Choice

Assistance with work contracts - ACT and VISA


Directorate of works - DET

The reception

Assistance to receiving operations - AOR

The Regulatory Studies

• RT 2012 th ECB
• Renovation by Element or Global - Th U –ex :
• Securing energy supplies and.

Design and Calculations

• The boiler and new substations,
• In the renovation of boiler houses and substations,
• From Hot Water and Hot Water Technique,
• From air conditioning and Group Water Ice,

The plans

• Schemes principles
• Plans 2D and / or 3D technical networks
• Execution Plans
• reservations Plans
• proofing Plans

The energies of Choice

• Natural gas,
• Thermodynamics,
• Biomass,
• BE,