Efficiency & Energetic transition

icon-EA-200SOLUTION METHOD proposes to Owners.and.sponsors phase UPSTREAM a project management assistance for the conduct of preliminary steps to choose a team of providers.

A personalized approach.
A suitable maintenance.
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All include innovative methods :

We summarize here the main lines of the device :


The design of building Positive energy through the geo building localized 3D model. The service named “Feasibility study” is carried out using a specific method of analysis of the risks in partnership with :

  • the master of the book,
  • the architect, the financial,
  • The Economist of the building,
  • associated engineering offices.

The approach is based on three pillars :

  1. BIM for calculations, plans and information sharing.
  2. The simultaneous study of the bioclimatic criteria, constructive, thermal, energy and fluids.
  3. Risk analysis during feasibility study whose results will be used for arbitrations and financing through the use of financial methods taking into account weighted average cost capital resources, the cash flow and the discounted flow, as for example the T.E.C. method(enrichment in capital.)


Building-integrated photovoltaic -Or integration to the rack of photovoltaic plants substitute for traditional for homes and real estate construction elements.

SOLUTION METHOD use the building as soon as phase 3D model sketches in close relationship with the owner and the architect of the project.
The realistic 3D model, in IFC or SKP format and in some cases gbXML will be used throughout the progress of operations beginning with the study of CFD and STD – Simulation thermal dynamics - then the implementation of networks, regulatory calculations and so on… The approach
begins as soon as the phases of the sketch and the APS, so it is possible to design, to draw, to calculate a BIPV implementation based on two different objectives :

  1. A self-production and a consumption of electricity production.
  2. A resale of electricity production.

The model is built on the calculation of the company EnerBIM engine https://site-enerbim.rhcloud.com/bim/
The EnerBIM engine offers high-performance computations on the true basis of the 3D model. It takes into account the effects of solar masks as well as energy efficiency from modules and inverters while integrating electrical wiring.

SOLUTION METHOD based on additional data deepens and optimizes the project.

The CPE, The Energy Performance Contracting, door :

  • on a building or, and on a park of buildings and include work on the bed,
  • on production systems,
    • distribution
    • heating regulation,
    • air conditioning,
    • lighting,
    • domestic hot water

(more generally on the improvement of energy efficiency of any equipment or producing system, or consumer of energy).
The energy performance contract, or CPE, is defined by the European directive 2006/32/EC as : (Definition of the CPE by Ademe 2015)
It is a contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the provider to improve the effectiveness energy based on investments to achieve the level of improvement visé .
The goal is to get on the one hand a decrease in energy consumption of a building or a park of buildings and on the other hand to measure the effects of the approach in the long term.

The SCE is characterised by the following two :

  • Investments dedicated to energy efficiency on the reduction of consumption.
  • A guarantee provided by a service provider for the duration of a contract.

The drafting of an agreement between the parties from specific reference consumption which will be based on the observed energy savings calculations.
There are different possible types of CPE, tangible or intangible.
A CPE allows communities to calmly consider an effective energy renovation project.
It is reserved for heating buildings.
The approach covers design, the construction and maintenance of facilities.

  • Thermal optimizations of the building are considered,
  • Qualitative comparisons, ecological, financial (T.E.C.) are performed,
  • The co-owners are accompanied in their project,