icon-BIM-200SOLUTION METHOD actively participates in the methodological BIM project.

THE BRAID is above all a shared method, developed between professionals before a organological declination software means. It's a harmonisation, synergy organized
all about skills based on one or more of the common objectives.

Our Engineering Office offers in individual cases to study the concrete forms of implementation of interoperability between the employer, Architects, Design offices, the building economists and businesses.

All include innovative methods :

Building Information Modeling

Data modeling of the building with unified information access.

When ?

At the beginning of the new construction project, real estate renovation, creation or expansion industrial...

Perimeter or its content.

Its size is proportional to the collegial objectives.
BIM method may be shared only between the architect and our Engineering Department, or it is extended to professionals involved in the project.

Choice of integrated or correlated means.

Use of a CFD *. ; of a STD *. ; Phases of inserts and details of the technical drawings calculated in 2D or 3D ; Planning of regulatory studies insertion ; Comparisons of the technical options in terms of financial efficiency and of the cash flow updated T.E.C method.

Degrees of details of BIM.

According to the phase of the work titled : LOD 'Level Of Details' or 'Levels of Details' on a scale ranging from LOD 100 LOD 400.


the procedure of construction of the 3D model of the building in IFC 2 format×3 or 4 to create a smooth and easy interoperability.